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We offer full-service property management for VA homeowners.

Property Marketing

Get the right tenant for your rental home on schedule. Our team fills vacancies quickly by spreading the word about the opening and promptly responding to inquiries.

Tenant Screening

Our team understands the importance of placing a qualified renter in your property. We carefully screen every application we receive and only choose the best of the best.

Rent Collection

Securing your monthly rental earnings shouldn't be a headache, month after month. We make things easy for you, sending out monthly bills and collecting incoming rent checks.


Keep your property in great shape with our maintenance support. We coordinate repairs with your tenants and choose trustworthy vendors to handle your home's repairs.

Property Inspections

Our team regularly visits every home we manage. We schedule inspections to give us the chance to verify that there are no lease violations or problems brewing behind closed doors.

Financial Reporting

Want to monitor your property's performance? We keep careful track of your earnings and expenses and document everything with year-end statements. Sign into your account at any time.


If you ever find yourself with a bad tenant situation on your hands, we'll handle the eviction process for you. When everything is said and done, we'll find a qualified new tenant for your property.

Legal Guidance

If you're not paying attention to the long list of ordinances and housing laws that impact your home, you could find yourself in hot water. Let us keep your property playing by the rules.


Why Choose Blue Bee Property Management?

Discover what makes us the right team for your rental.

We Keep You Informed

As your property manager, we understand it's our job to make sure you're aware of what's taking place inside your home. We maintain an open line of communication with our clients & we return phone calls and emails quickly.

We Provide Great Customer Serivce

You won't find a more friendly, accessible property management team. We treat both clients and tenants with the respect they deserve, and we find innovative solutions to problems.

Bluebee Property Management

Our Team Focuses on Transparency

We know it can feel overwhelming to partner with a property manager. We do all we can to put you at ease. We are committed to providing excellent, honest service and we promise we'll never pull the wool over your eyes.

The Best Vendors Partner with Us

Let's face it; you don't want just anyone handling your rental's needs. Work with Blue Bee Property Management and rest easy knowing the best service providers are handling your home's maintenance needs.

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